Message From The Principal

The International Colon Hydrotherapy Training Academy was founded to provide practical training solutions for the Colon Hydrotherapy Industry.

ICHTA has a firm commitment to quality leadership and training. Our vision has always been to make on-site, comprehensive Colon Hydrotherapy training accessible for practitioners and business owners alike so that we can support the growth and reputation of the industry.

Competence is the key. We provide our students and trainers with the support and structure that they need to put theory into practice and establish important and invaluable “on-the-job” experiences further building their self-confidence and professional abilities.

We provide up-to-date resources, practical experience, and are committed to the growth of the Colon Hydrotherapy Industry.

ICHTA is a place where trainers, practitioners, business owners and health enthusiasts connect to promote excellence in the industry.

We invite you to become a Member today to be part of the future of Colon Hydrotherapy.